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My name is Jonathan Drew… and I’ve been creating delicious products for my friends to enjoy all over the world since 1996.

From the deepest place in my heart and soul, I love making people happy, watching good people come together to share life’s precious moments. Those who know me will probably tell you that nothing rewards JD more than to see you smile.

But let’s rewind a bit… Our story of DOVE TALE RUM began in a distant land called Nicaragua, where I cut my teeth for 19 years and lived inside my little handmade cigar factory high up in the northern mountains. Although we started with almost nothing, hard work and commitment paid off and Drew Estate eventually became one of the most trusted boutique factories in the world.

It was there in Central America where we created beautiful expressions in taste and aroma, crafting our art 100% by hand. Our dream, though, was to venture beyond the abyss and push the limits in blending the world’s most delicious rum.

Those early years were rough, I must admit, but, through that struggle and pain, we were challenged to truly create mouthwatering divinity and test the boundaries of taste, art, and craftsmanship.

DOVE TALE RUM is emblematic of those early days of our journey. Sweet & vibrant, yet dark & mysterious… a true Florida Rum that has been aged 4 long years in spent bourbon barrels.

First, our team selects sugarcane exclusively from the Florida Everglades to create Blackstrap Refiner’s Grade Molasses. Then, it’s distilled and carefully aged in hearty, beautiful, oak bourbon barrels until our smooth dark rum has developed layers upon layers of sweet caramel goodness.

Tall Tale of the Dove

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